Career development

Career development


We are looking for the following positions for the development of the company.

1.    Global Trading Sales

Job responsibilities

1.      Use the Internet platform orexhibition to develop overseas customers, reply to inquiries and follow upcustomers;

2.      Maintenance of the company'swebsite, background data, the release of new products;

3.      Maintain good communicationwith customers, keep good relationships with old customers.;

4.      Actively communicate with theproduction department to ensure that the goods are exported on time.

Job requirements

1.      College degree, Major ininternational trade and business English related major, with min2 years ofproven success records in sales;

2.      English CET4 or above, goodcommand of both written and spoken English.

3.      With good teamwork spirit, highexecutive ability and strong working pressure, it is determined to be engagedin foreign trade for a long time.

2.    Several Technicians and General Workers


1.      Junior middle school or above, menand women are not limited.

2.      Age 18-38, obey the workarrangement, work actively and actively

3.      No matter there is no workexperience can be, the company can provide training.

For details, please consult:

Contact: Miss Chen

Contact phone: +86-135-2816-1668


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